April  2020

United States Virgin Islands


The primary aim of this conference is to establish a supply-chain network of the nation's largest Black-owned enterprises (BOEs) as the basis for an export-led growth strategy. 


Attendance is by-invitation only and limited to the C-suite leadership of BOEs generating a minimum of $10M in annual revenues.  Unlike conventional conferences, much of the content is attendee-driven involving strategy sessions among an audience who will at various points form discussion groups based on session topic.  We encourage open discussion and sharing of ideas, including the formation of strategic partnerships and alliances.  Industry thought leaders will be on hand to participate not only as speakers, but also as topic facilitators who will seek audience input as part of their panels.  

More than just an opportunity to interface with key government agency representatives, network with industry pros, and secure access to growth capital and lucrative investment deals, members will collaborate to develop and implement a blueprint for empowering the Black-owned business sector using these and other interventions:


• Optimizing Offshore Tax Advantages as Part of a Corporate Growth Strategy

• How to Fund Expansion and Offshore Investment

• Dealing with Current Issues of De-Risking and Financial Exclusion in the Caribbean

• Adoption of Fintech to Systematize Your Business, Reduce Costs, and Increase Capacity

• Strategic U.S. Based Alliances/Supply Chain Networks

• Outsourcing and Offshoring: A Core Activity

• Finding Qualified Buyers, Agents, & Distributors


If you have any questions or would like information about sponsoring the event, please contact: sedivision@outlook.com