The Voice of Black Business

The Black Business Council (BBC) is the over-arching confederation that represents black professional, business associations and chambers. The primary purpose of the BBC is to lobby government on policy related matters and to play an advocacy role where policies are in place in order to accelerate the participation of black  business in the mainstream economy.

Our position as the pillar of hope and support for black business and like minded established business has created a lot of expectations from beleaguered entrepreneurs who are faced with a plethora of obstacles daily in their quest to run sustainable enterprises. These challenges have been engaged by the BBC through a series of seminars, consultative workshops, stakeholder engagement and outreach programmes, just to name a few. We need to sustain these along with the advocacy work in order to have a sustained transformative impact on the economy.

Our Vision

The BBC creates an enabling environment that leads to economic transformation for the benefit of black business in South Africa.

Our Mission

The BBC advances the interests of black business in the economy by:

Uniting all affiliates behind a common vision
Developing and articulating authorative policy positions based on sound research and thought leadership
Implementing programs of action that position black business at the center of economic growth and participation, in particular designated groups
Our Purpose

We exist to:

Advocate and engage government, social partners and international formations to ensure that policy development and implementation accelerates radical economic transformation for the benefit of black South Africans.
Unify the black business voice in its quest to create an enabling environment
Ensure the participation of black business in the South African economy.  


B.E.G.I.N is the representative body and recognized voice for ******* including financial institutions in the Caribbean. We seek to influence policies and legislation which impact the sector by advocating on our members’ behalf and participating in the global network of similar institutions.

Additionally, we provide opportunities for discussion on issues impacting the financial services community, sharing of information, experiences and networking.

Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority- The Virgin Islands Economic Development Authority (EDC) is a semi-autonomous government instrumentality responsible for the promotion and enhancement of economic development in the United States Virgin Islands. It has five major components, to wit, the Economic Development Bank, The Economic Development Commission, the Virgin Islands Economic Park Development Corporation (formerly the Industrial Park Development Corporation), and the Enterprise Zone Commission.

?????????? - Director of Lending
Monique Samuel - Loan Officer
Abraham Edwards - State Small Business Credit Initiative Specialist

Virgin Islands Bureau of Economic Research

The Virgin Islands Bureau of Economic Research (BER) compiles and maintains statistics and data on the state of the economy of the U.S. Virgin Islands in support of both public-sector and private-sector decision-making.  One of its most important functions is the production of  periodic economic indicator and statistical reports. The Bureau also regularly conducts special research projects, in the form of briefing papers and special analyses or surveys.

Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs - The Virgin Islands agency responsible for business licenses, taxi operators licenses and board certifications. You can apply for a business license online.

Residential lots, which range from a low of $25,000 to the ultra luxurious $750,000, made very strong gains in the 2006/2007 period. Despite these increases St. Croix continues to be the best buy in the Caribbean. Building costs continued to push upward, with a bare bones cost of approximately $200-$300 per square foot.


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