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William Michael Cunningham founded Creative Investment Research (CIR) in 1989 to expand the capacity of markets to provide capital, credit and financial services in minority and underserved areas and markets by creating new financial instruments and by applying existing financial market technology to underserved areas. Mr. Cunningham’s understanding of capital markets is based on firsthand
knowledge obtained in a number of positions at a diverse set of major financial institutions. Among them was Senior Investment Analyst for an insurance company, an Institutional Sales Representative in the Fixed Income and Futures and Options Group for a leading Wall Street firm, and he also served as Director of Investor Relations for a New York Stock Exchange-traded firm. In 1991, Mr. Cunningham created the first systematic bank analysis system using social and financial data, the Fully Adjusted Return® methodology.
He designed the first mortgage security backed by home mortgage loans to low and moderate income persons and originated by minority-owned institutions. (See: Security Backed Exclusively by Minority Loans, The American Banker.
Friday, December 2, 1994.)

Mr. Cunningham is an impact investing specialist who received his MBA in Finance and Masters in Economics from The University of Chicago.  He is an Adjunct Faculty member at Georgetown University, and a strong advocate for the integration of human values in finance, and involves students in developing new ways to combine social values and investing. His professional interests include impact investing, blockchain, cryptocurrency in minority communities, environmental, social and governance investing, socially responsible investing and community development investing. He is the author of a book on the JOBS Act and Crowdfunding that provides comprehensive information on the topic. - 

Mr. Cunningham serves as Managing Partner for National Crowdfunding Services.  He launched his first website on November 16, 1995.  Mr. Cunningham filed Case 98-1459 in the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in 1998, opposing the elimination of Glass-Steagall and predicting the financial crisis of 2008. On June 11, 2016, his economic forecasting models predicted Trump's win:


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